Interesting discovery

I have found that when shopping for a new car, you should never tell the car salesman that you are pregnant. They are vultures!!! I’ve been shopping for a new car now that I’m trying to get pregnant, and I went to test drive a Toyota Rav4 last week. Instead of telling the dealer that I was trying to get pregnant, I just told them that I already was. When I told them that I couldn’t afford the price they were trying to give me, the guy started giving me a major guilt trip! “It’s not about you, it’s about the baby on the way…You know, the winter is coming, and the Miata isn’t safe to drive…” He just kept going on and on about it. If I were really pregnant, I would be scared out of my mind. Instead, I just found it amusing. It’s very sad that they will try to take such advantage of people. I definitely wont go through them when I’m ready to buy. I think I’ll just try to do my shopping online, especially now that I’ve had a chance to test drive a Rav4 and I know it’s nice to drive. I’m not actually going to buy until the spring time, since that will be the perfect time to sell my Miata for the most money, and the price of SUV’s will probably drop a little because of the hike in gas prices. I’m just trying to do my homework now.