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Welcome to my blog! I’m Holly, 24 years old, and married to my wonderful husband Mike. I don’t know quite how to describe my personality, except that I’m quiet until you get to know me, incredibly trusting with people who are close to me, and try to always look out for others. I’m also a perfectionist, and like things done my way (which drives my husband crazy). Mike and I have been together for 4 years now, married for 3, and we are trying for our first child together. We made the decision in September 2006 that we wanted to have a baby, and quickly found that my body did not want to cooperate.   Little did we know that my husband’s body doesn’t want to cooperate either.

Of couples that have infertility problems, 15% of them both have issues. We happen to fall within that category.  I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, which does not allow me to ovulate and my husband was diagnosed with severe male infertility after having 2 semen analyses come back with around 1 million sperm count (per millileter).  We’ve been told that our only option is IVF with ICSI.

I’m using this blog to share my experiences with infertility, and hopefully others can gain some knowledge through my writings. I also love reading about others parenting styles, and I am trying to learn as much as I can in preparation for my own child. I encourage people to leave me comments, even if you disagree with me, but please keep it tasteful. I moderate all my comments, and will not approve them if there are insults towards me or anyone else reading my blog.

My sister is ewokmama, who became a mother in July 2006 to my awesome nephew Jack. She is who inspired me to want my own child, and I hope to be as good a mother as she is one day. If anyone is seeking advice on parenting, including breastfeeding, please check out her blog. She loves sharing her experiences and offering up advice to anyone who is interested.


16 Responses to “About Me”

  1. jb Says:

    Awesome blog…we know how you feel. We’re going through problems with infertility as well. Just wanted to commend you on having the courage to share your experience with everyone! Keep up the good work!

  2. Journey Says:

    Hello. I googled IVF and found this site. My husband and I are just starting the process of IVF (after 1 miscarriage & 1 Ectopic Pregnancy & right tubal removal) this year and I’m really, really, really nervous. I actually don’t start my B/C pills until 2morrow night and am looking 2 connect w/others that can give me some insight & encouragement. I hope this comment reaches you all and I can find out more.

  3. Jeanine glendinning Says:

    I read this alarming blog and feel that somewhere I really lost the plot – too much like what has just happened with Charne – I do not relate to this person in any way at all – I also feel that this is way over the top – no more thank you – not up to this and don’t think I really need to be involved in any form of commentating when it comes to descriptions of this nature – or a new education I do not want in my space –

    • Genie Says:

      I have a thing about blood and menstruating – perhaps my Emergency Caesar and the terrible blood loss plus the transfusions were the cause – terrible and frightening –

  4. Genie Says:

    I have looked in again – I really have this – I am far from being a prude but I don’t do up close and personal – it makes me really angry ! And who the hell wants to read about this type of subject – don’t go into such detail – it spoils this all for me personally – I do suppose parts of my life do the same for others –

  5. Genie Says:

    This complicated illness creates havoc – you make decisions during a manic splurge and live your life with regret – I bought a luxury vehicle that I had never driven and discovered the garage too small for it ! It is these things that create all the bad luck associated with Bipolar – and this is my “Memoir of Moods and Madness” by Kay REDFIELD JAMISON who wrote An UNQUIET Mind –

  6. Genie Says:

    Kay REDFIELD JAMISON wrote An UNQUIET Mind – an amazingly courageous book – she is a therapist, Acdemic – and Patient. MANIC depression and the author gives huge insight into this illness –

  7. Genie Says:

    Completely drained – hope I get to see profile – thank you for this opportunity Linkedin – Jeanine

  8. Genie Says:

    It is rather sad that I had to make the decision to stop further contact – I had really enjoyed the type of therapeutic assistance that these columns have given me – but the stressors were against it all and found me up against the wall too scared to continue – hope that you remember me kindly –

  9. Genie Says:

    This is where I feel most comfortable! But of course, no Charne, who gave me the guzpah in the past to share my ups and downs no matter how bad! This is Mother’s Day so I wish to celebrate this SPECIAL TIME and wish all of you a really Wonderful Day And will be back to Share (privacy) wish I could upload with Flickr to let you see my lovely Gardens and a newcomer in my life –

  10. Genie Says:

    This is a quality day so I am writing an informing blog. My mania escalates 4 days prior to the Full Moon so at the very least I am able to fill you in on the meds that I am taking : lithium – lamictin – epilim – clopixal – rivitrol and finally zopiclone ! If any of you are reading this who suffer from a Mood Disorder, recognise these meds, then you will have picked up that I am psychotic and also somebody diagnosed with mixed and rapid cycling Bipolar 1. It took many years for a correct diagnosis to be made, after I had managed to devoid myself of everything that I had, including my self esteem. It took a very small town with 3 professionally linked Specialists to get the correct mix of medication and enough education about the stigma, to change my life – I have a quality of life and for most of the time – present myself well and am able to talk to the local interns about myself which in turn assists them . I also inform the media by having letters published in the Witness, a local Newspaper. I wish to inform Readers of this blog with WordPress about Bipolar –

  11. Genie Says:

    It is obvious to myself that this can only be done with a helping hand which also involves not “TIRED OF WAITING” ” I hated this – but I did love remembering my Mother and SYLVIA PLATH – My favourite famous weaver of Poetry – the Blogging also made me manic on occasions so my offer has to be withdrawn and I wish for PRIVACY again – but I have to say all in all it was fun – if Charne was real or not – she was terrific –

  12. Genie Says:

    Never registered for WordPress – show me where ? Remove please –

  13. Genie Says:

    Kindly remove this dreadful sensationalised blog – not made for happiness – do not recall registering for WordPress – a mentally ill person suffering from an episode should not have their psychoses published –

  14. Genie Says:

    This year – I cannot even believe that the entire LAST year has flown in and out leaving a couple of dreadful illnesses that have carried over : my Partner with Dementia and my young brother who suffered 2 Strokes at the end of November, leaving him paralysed, incontinent, without speech and inability to swallow properly. My Cup Runneth over and my Heart has become as likened to a block of ice – however those who I thought would help me along have done nothing – prescribed more useless pills (I Suffer From a drug intolerance so any additional usually has side effects and have to be discontinued) – the mood swings have been wildly erratic on occasions but the terrible hollow tiredness, the depressive side, is now a more frequent visitor – let this year end with relief from hopeless fear to a possible degree of happiness

  15. Genie Says:

    Where are you Charne ? The one with the answers – do you even exist –

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