my girl Cayenne

CayenneHere she is, my amazing new little girl, Cayenne! We got her about a week ago, and she is making such a difference in our life already. She’s an American Pit Bull Terrier, and just the sweetest dog I’ve ever met (don’t believe all the hype you hear about pit bulls being evil mean dogs). I fell in love with her the moment we brought her home. She’s been keeping us busy with all the walks that we take her on, along with the school that I’m going through, so blogging has definitely taken a back seat. I have about 150 unread posts in my Google Reader, and I’m afraid they’ll probably just keep adding up.

It’s truly amazing how much happier I’ve been since bringing her home. I feel like she’s helping me heal from my last failed IVF cycle, like she’s filling the void of not having any children. It feels so good to take care of her, and she’s so loving towards us. I also feel more at peace with our decision to put off any more fertility treatments for the next several months. I’m not saying that my desire to have a child is any less, just that I don’t feel as urgent about it. Our time will come eventually, whether it be through IVF, DIUI, or even adoption. In the meantime, I have my girl to take care of.

5 Responses to “my girl Cayenne”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    She’s adorable! And, I know what you mean about her filling the void. Why do you think I have three cats??

  2. Emily Says:

    She is so cute! Thanks for posting a picture. I am glad you are feeling better and have a little one to take care of!

  3. dustinc Says:

    your dogs looks ecsakly the same as my

  4. knight Says:

    Just loved it.she is too adorable thanks for sharing a great pic with us

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