still pregnant

I had my 2nd beta done today, and my HCG level came back at 271. It’s supposed to double every two days, and mine went up even more than that. I’m not really sure if that means anything, but nevertheless it makes me happy. I’m actually starting to believe things might actually work out with this pregnancy. There’s still a part of me that is holding myself back in case something goes wrong. There’s just so much that can happen, especially in the next several weeks. I’ll be breathing a sigh of relief when I have my ultrasound, or better yet, once I reach my 12 week mark! After 12 weeks, the chance of miscarriage drops dramatically.

I’m still not having any symptoms, but I’ve read that is completely normal for many women. Of course it’s still early, and there’s plenty of time for symptoms to kick in. I’ve also read that morning sickness shows up between 4 and 6 weeks, but I’m kinda hoping I’ll bypass that aspect of pregnancy 🙂 Mike and I are flying home for Christmas, and it will not be a pleasant flight with me in the bathroom half the time.

I’m still in quite a shock over this pregnancy. I had really resigned myself to it not working the first time. In fact, the first morning I took the HPT, right before Mike went to check it for me, I said “I already know it’s going to be negative” in such a matter of fact tone. I’m sure that was just me trying to prep myself for bad news, but I just couldn’t believe that we would be so lucky*. Now that it’s happened, it doesn’t quite seem real. I think it will sink in more once we get our first ultrasound. These next 3 weeks of waiting to see our baby’s heartbeat is going to be almost as agonizing as the 2ww!

*I say lucky in relative terms, since we were not so lucky in conceiving naturally.


7 Responses to “still pregnant”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    Yay! Well I can tell you that it’s a good time of year to be pregnant – the holidays makes it all fly by! You’ll probably hate the timing come summer, though. 😛

  2. Emily Says:

    It never gets easy right? There is always something to worry about. Such is parenthood. That is great that it went up so much though. Big sigh…for now! Everything will be fine I’m sure!

  3. Miss Conception Says:

    Awesome news! When is your ultrasound?

  4. Danielle Says:

    Awesome news! And you know the more HGC could mean more than one baby. . . are you prepared for possibly seeing 2 babies in the ultrasound?! 🙂 Yea! You’re gonna be an awesome Mom.

  5. two peas Says:

    That’s great! I heard the same thing… If your HGC more then doubles every two days it is possible that could be two babies…

  6. Holly Says:

    Miss Conception – my ultrasound is scheduled for December 20th. Just in time to either be extremely happy or extremely depressed over the holidays…

  7. Julie Says:

    Yay, that is so good to hear!

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