That’s what my beta came back with today…57.  Can I just say holy shit!  I just can’t believe this is happening.  I am floating in a cloud right now.  I honestly did not think that this would happen for us the first go around.  But it has.  I can say it now.  I am pregnant.   I am pregnant!  Gosh, that feels so good to say.

So I have to admit, I didn’t really need the beta to confirm it for me, but it does feel good.  I woke up this morning, and the first thing I did was take another HPT.  The second line was there again, only darker.  I kept on hugging Mike over and over again, I was so excited.  But I was eager to get the blood test back to confirm it, and to make it more real.

I go in for another beta on Monday to make sure the number is increasing (it’s supposed to double every two days).  This is a little scary, since I know that there is so much that can go wrong at this point.  But I’m just going to keep on thinking positive thoughts and hope that I’m one of the lucky ones.  I have my first ultrasound around December 21st, which I am anxiously waiting for.

Oh, and for those out there who are wondering what symptoms to expect – I’ve had none so far.  There’s nothing I’ve been feeling that would indicate to me that I’m pregnant.  So don’t worry too much if you’re in the 2ww and don’t have any symptoms.  It’s perfectly normal.


15 Responses to “57”

  1. Heathar Abarca Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you!

  2. ewokmama Says:

    Yaaaaaaay! I’m so excited for you! You should get the ultrasound before you fly home for xmas. 😀

    I think my first symptoms were breast tenderness, some general queasiness, and food didn’t taste the same! I had a lot of trouble eating anything salty or tart. Green olives were the worst! Oh, and I didn’t start showing until I was three months along or so. (And can I just say that when you know you are pregnant so early, pregnancy lasts foreeeeeever. So be prepared.)


  3. Great news! « Ewokmama: Parenting left of the middle. Says:

    […] Great news! Posted November 30, 2007 It looks like I’m going to be an aunt again! […]

  4. Emily Says:

    Yeah! Congratulations!

  5. Beth Says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Yay!

  6. two peas Says:


  7. Michell Says:

    Congratulations. That’s fantastic.

  8. Miss Conception Says:

    So happy for you!!!! My first beta was close to yours (46) and it doubled as it should. I am hoping good things for you and good luck on Monday.
    By the way, I am 6weeks and 2 days and I still have no symptoms. Perfectly normal…or so I have been told.

  9. JJ Says:

    CONGRATS! So happy for you all!

  10. Danielle Says:

    Happy Happy day! You’re little one (or ones:) with have their first pictures for Christmas!!! Soooo incredibly happy for you!!!!!

  11. Mel Says:

    You are pregnant, you are pregnant! Congratulations 🙂

  12. Julie Says:

    Yay!! You’re pregnant! I am so happy for you! :o)

  13. Julie Says:

    by the way, it puts a whole new twist fortune cookies doesn’t it? 🙂 You’d think they knew what they were talking about!

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