pain in the ass…


Mike gave me the hCG shot last night, and while the shot itself only stung a little bit, my ass is so sore today!  Seriously, I’m limping.  I was worried that this is not normal, but Google has informed me that it is perfectly normal.  If this is what it feels like the day after an intramuscular injection, I’m going to need a wheelchair after all my progesterone in oil shots!

Other than that, I am completely exhausted.  I feel like I could pass out right now, but I still need to eat dinner.  I’m trying to wait as late as I can before I eat since I cannot have anything after midnight tonight, and I will be absolutely starving by my surgery tomorrow morning.  I wonder if they tell everyone after midnight?  From the looks of all the paperwork they gave me, it looks like midnight is the time written in stone – it’s not a fill in the blank that the time for hCG and surgery.  What about someone who has surgery scheduled for the afternoon?  I would pass out if I had to wait that long to eat.  Which is why I am very grateful that I am the first one scheduled for tomorrow morning 🙂

Some of the instructions I’ve been given for tomorrow include showering tonight and tomorrow morning.  I guess they need me extra clean??  No lotion, jewelry, credit cards, etc.   And wear loose fitting clothing (I’m stealing Mike’s sweat pants).  I have to be at the hospital at 6am, so that means over 3 hours of waiting around before my surgery.  Mike and I went to the bookstore tonight and bought some books to keep us occupied during the long wait, but I wonder how far I’ll get before they drug me up?  I’m not sure how long it takes for anesthesia to kick in, but I assume they start it plenty ahead of time so they can start the surgery on time.

I’ll try to post tomorrow after the surgery if I’m feeling up to it.  Wish me luck and cross your fingers for lots of good eggs!


5 Responses to “pain in the ass…”

  1. Beth Says:

    Good luck! I hope everything goes perfectly!

  2. ewokmama Says:

    I hope everything goes smoothly and you will be on your way to feeling sick in a pregnant way!!! 😀

  3. sbr Says:

    midnight is the typical cut off time for food, only because it is easy for people to remember. the danger of eating before surgery is that, if you are unconscious, you could vomit and then aspirate that (breathe it in). so it’s somewhat arbitrary, but also a very easy for people to remember when to stop eating.

  4. Holly Says:

    ewokmama – Thanks, everything did go very smooth.

    sbr – I guess that makes sense. Although I personally wish they would just give me a range of hours. However, now that it’s over with, I’m glad I didn’t have any food, because I probably would have thrown up on the drive home.

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