good news!

Okay, so I know I promised an update yesterday, and I’m sure if I tried I could come up with a really good excuse, but….I was just tired and didn’t feel like writing.  Sorry.

Yesterday was much of the same news.  My follicles grew, ranging from 9-16mm, so they were not quite ready for the hCG.  But today!  Today they were up to 18 and 19mm, which means Mike gets to stick me with a f*ing long needle tonight at exactly 9:30pm.  I stop all my other medications, and await my retrieval, which is set for Friday morning at 9:30.  I am so excited!!  I know it’s kind of sick to be so excited about surgery, but I am!  I haven’t been in this good of a mood in a while – as you can tell with my overuse of exclamation marks!!! :p

The doctor answered quite a few of my questions this morning.  I’m attributing this to the fact that there were only three of us women left in the cycle — yes, I’m one of the last ones, who threatened to push this cycle into Thanksgiving.  We went over the following items:

  • Uterine lining:  Every morning, the first number the doc rattles off is the thickness of my endometrium – my uterine lining.  I’ve noticed it started out as 7a, then jumped to 12a, 12b, then 13a today.  From my research on google, the thickness is in a good range (up to 14mm is good), but I had no idea what the letter grades were for.  So I asked him and he said it’s based on the quality of the lining, A being the best, C the worst.  Since he could clearly see three layers of my lining, I have an A quality lining, which is what they like to see before giving hCG.  (Is it strange to be proud of my uterine lining?)   
  • Follicle size: The doc already told me that they like to see the follicles around 18mm before administering hCG, but I noticed I only have about 4 that meet that criteria.  I asked what the minimum size the follicles needed to be in order to have a mature egg, and he said usually 12mm (phew!).  Although interestingly enough, even if the eggs aren’t mature when they aspirate them, they sometimes mature in the culture they are placed in.    I don’t think I’ll have a problem with having plenty of mature eggs, since the doc counted a total of 38 follicles this morning.  It’s going to be a looonng retrieval.
  • OHSS: I was wondering if there was anything I can do to prevent OHSS, or at least mimimize my chances of developing a severe case.  The answer was no.  That’s up to them to monitor with the drugs, and there’s nothing I can do.  Although I have read that drinking Gatorade will help if I develop symptoms, to replace electrolytes, so I may buy some *just in case*.

So that’s it.  And time to go, because my dinner of delivery pizza is calling to me!


2 Responses to “good news!”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    Ooooh, you’re so close. This is so cool! When is the retrieval again? Wheeeeee! Good luck! (So many baby-related things going on this week in the world!)

  2. Beth Says:

    Yay!!! Keep up the good work follicles!

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