today’s stats

Not much change from yesterday.  The doctor counted 32 follicles this morning, but I think this one (I see a new one every day) was counting the smaller ones that the other doctor didn’t.  The sizes still ranged from 8-14mm.  She said I’m still not quite ready for the hCG shot, and it will probably be moved to Wednesday instead of tomorrow unless my follicles decide to grow a lot by tomorrow morning.  They don’t like to give the hCG injection until the follicles are right around 18-20mm, so mine still have a ways to go.

I told this doctor about my shortness of breath (but that I’m feeling better) and she didn’t seem too concerned about it.  I’m not feeling it nearly as much today, although I can tell it’s still there.  Yesterday my chest was feeling pretty tight and I was having a small pain, but today I’m just feeling a slight shortness of breath without the chest pain.  I really think it helped for them to reduce the FSH injection back down to only one a day.  I just hope that doesn’t impede the growth of my follicles.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good despite all the hormones being pumped into me.  I’m a pro at giving myself injections now 🙂  I only have slight bruising around my abdomen where I guess I wasn’t so smooth with the needle, but most of the sights are just little dots of fading red.  I’m feeling a little bloated, but no more so than when I’m on my period.  Recently, my breasts have been getting sore, and my nipples are really tender (I know, probably TMI, sorry).  Compared to what the side effects I’ve read other women have experienced, I’d say I’m pretty lucky – so far, anyway.

Tomorrow is much of the same deal, except add on my pre-op.  Despite my search on the web, I’m still not quite sure what’s involved in the pre-op, but I was told it can last from 2-4 hours – although Mike overheard two women talking this morning who said it only lasted about a half hour.  Let’s hope I’m that lucky!  Not that I don’t just loovvve waiting around in the hospital for hours on end….I’m prepared though; I have a couple books that are coming along with me so the waiting won’t be so boring.  I’m still working on The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer, with a post about it to come later.

Alright, time to wrap this up.  Of course more updates to come tomorrow.  Keep thinking growing thoughts!


2 Responses to “today’s stats”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    It really sounds like things are going well. I am thinking growing thoughts and hope that you get lucky and everything is easy and smooth!

  2. ewokmama Says:

    I’m waaaaaitttiiiinng.

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