update on follies

There’s nothing like waking up at 5am on a Sunday morning to drive 40 minutes to the doctor after you only got about 4 hours of sleep…After a 3 hour nap and being lazy all day, I’m still feeling pretty tired. And I have to do it all over again tomorrow…

Okay, I’m only pretending to complain, because in all reality I love getting updates every day. Even if I do have to wake up way too freaking early on my days off. Everything is still looking good according to the doctor. My follicles are now measuring from 8-14mm, averaging around 12mm. The doctor only counted 24 today, since he’s only counting the ones that are continuing to grow. Although it’s a drop, that’s actually a good thing. Too many follicles mean more possibility of developing OHSS, which I think I’m already showing mild symptoms of. I’ve been feeling a little short of breath for the past two days, which I originally thought was due to stress, but now I’m realizing it’s most likely due to the medication. I’m going to mention it to the doctor tomorrow morning, just in case it’s an issue. They lowered my medication back to what it was originally, so I’m hoping that might help. I really don’t want anything to go wrong with this cycle, since everything seems to be going so well thus far. I’ll let you know what he has to say about it tomorrow.


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