another milestone reached

I had my baseline appointment this morning, and I feel like I’ve reached another milestone in my infertility treatment. It feels good for something to actually happen, and I love having events to mark off on the calendar. It helps me break down the time into smaller chunks. Anyway, the appointment was scheduled for 6:45am, so after waking up at 4:30am, sucking down two cups of coffee to get me going, I hit the road by 5:45 so I could beat traffic. That got me there by 6:30, but I still was number 14 in line! I guess people were eager to get in line this morning. I’m pretty sure I was the last one to get called back, too.

The baseline consisted of bloodwork, a sonogram, and a face-to-face with the physician. After my blood was taken, they called me back for the sonogram where they looked for any abnormalities in my uterus and on my ovaries – none found. Dr. ICan’tRememberHisName put Mike to work writing down the dimensions of my ovaries and follicle count (Mike had to attend, since they require a chaperon at every visit). I can’t remember the exact dimensions, but I think the right one was something like 27x21x25, and the left one was 30x19x18. He counted 51 follicles on my right ovary (yes, that’s a lot, thank you PCOS), and 24 on my left. He said this count was just to get an idea of what they might expect once I start taking the drugs to produce the eggs.

After the sonogram, we went into his office, where he went over my calendar for the next several weeks. As of today, I drop my dosage of Lupron from 20 down to 5 units, and on Sunday, I start FSH and HMG injections. I’ll be taking 1cc of FSH in the morning mixed with one powder, and then 1cc of HMG in the evening with one powder along with my Lupron. Luckily, these are all subcutaneous injections, so that makes them a little easier. Tentatively, my egg retrieval is scheduled for November 15th, but from what I understand, it could be as early as the 13th. Only two weeks away!

The baseline was followed up by an injection class, where they taught us how to mix the medications, and went over when and how to give the injections. It was a pretty simple class, although there is a HUGE bag of needles the nurse gave me (which is pretty daunting). At the end of the class, she called each couple in one at a time – we got to go first, lucky us – where we had to practice the injections. Since I’m already a pro at the Lupron shots which are subcutaneous, we skipped right to the intramuscular, where Mike got to stick a needle in my ass :p I have to admit, I was pretty nervous, especially since I could see Mike almost shaking, and I couldn’t even watch. But surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. He’ll have to give me that shot the day I take the HSG, and then every day once I start taking the Progesterone in Oil. I’m just glad I don’t have to do it myself, because it’s a pretty damn big needle. It still kind of messes me up watching the small needle of Lupron go in.

That’s it until next Wednesday. Hopefully everything goes smooth from here on out.


2 Responses to “another milestone reached”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    Do you know more about the ovaries with the crazy follicles? Is it weird to have one with twice the # of the other? Did the doc explain what to expect egg-wise?

    Are you bloated or does that come with retrieval?

    Um, I think those are all my questions for now. 😛

  2. Holly Says:

    ewokmama – no, I don’t know any more about the crazy # of follicles. I just know that he said this is typical for women with PCOS. As far as the disparity between the two ovaries, I honestly don’t know what makes the difference. I thought about asking, and I don’t know why I didn’t. I’m regretting it now. I have read that one ovary can produce more follicles than another, so maybe that has something to do with it. I’ll have to google it later.

    The bloating hasn’t started yet, though in due time, I’m sure. The follicles that I have are not caused by any medication I’ve been taking, those are there from me not ovulating (they never matured, therefore they’re just hanging around for the hell of it). Once I start my meds this Sunday, that’s when the bloating will start, I think.

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