male evalutation results

Sperm count per milliliter: .2 million (notice the dot in front of the 2)

Motility: 50% (above 40% is normal)

Morphology: too low to count

24 Hour survival rate: too low to count

Suffice it to say, there was no miracle increase in Mike’s sperm count. We’re still going with ICSI. But now I’m left wondering why there was such a drop from the last two tests (previous tests had a count of around 1 million)? Should we be worried, or is it normal for sperm count to fluctuate? And is there a possibility that it could drop even lower to the point of no sperm?


4 Responses to “male evalutation results”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    Well, it’s probably safe to say that it’s good you aren’t waiting any longer! (Perhaps he’s been spanking the monkey a little too much? Who knows.)

    Did they tell you anything about what this means for rates of success? I suppose you’re fine as long as he has SOME.

  2. Beth Says:

    That sucks. I hope it doesn’t affect your success rates too much.

  3. Holly Says:

    All the woman said on the phone was that the lab listed us as ICSI. She didn’t sound concerned about the count, although next time I talk to Stephanie I will ask her if there is any significance to the drop in count.

    The count in itself is probably not a problem, since all they need is one sperm per egg that they retrieve. My only concern is that if the sperm count is dropping, could it drop to zero on the day of egg retrieval? I’m probably worrying too much, but it’s in my nature.

  4. ewokmama Says:

    You are worrying too much, but sometimes it’s nice to focus on things that aren’t likely to happen. 😉

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