that was easy

Well, I just gave myself my first shot of Lupron.   I have to say it was very simple and painless, much better than I had expected.  I didn’t even feel the needle go in.  I ended up giving myself the shot in my lower abdomen, and now the skin is a little red and I have a small bump, but that’s about it.  No side effects yet.  Hopefully I’ll have none.   I’m supposed to continue taking Lupron until egg retrieval (roughly November 15th), and stop taking BC this Sunday. 

Now I only have one small problem – how do I dispose of the needle?  I forgot to ask Stephanie about that on the phone, and I feel like it is a bad idea to put them in the garbage bag.  Mike suggested I hang on to them until the next time I go to the docor’s office, and ask them to dispose of them for me.  Unless anyone has any better suggestions?


5 Responses to “that was easy”

  1. katarinajellybeana Says:

    Yay easy shot!

    Last time I was on meds, my nurse advised me to put them in an empty, opaque laundry detergent bottle, seal them up and put them in the trash. She said that way no one would pull them out of the trash for reuse and no one would accidentally get stuck by one…

  2. Holly Says:

    Katarinajellybeana – That’s an awesome idea. I actually have an empty laundry detergent bottle sitting above my washer that I keep forgetting to get rid of – thank goodness for my forgetfulness 🙂 Thanks!

  3. ewokmama Says:

    Holly, read this – it has information on safe disposal of needles.

    So glad to hear it was easy!! I figured it shouldn’t be too bad – otherwise you’d hear of people quitting infertility treatments because they couldn’t stick themselves!

  4. Eviena Says:

    My clinic gave me a yellow plastic container with the hazardous sign on it and when it is filled, I take it back to the clinic for disposal. The yellow plastic container is exactly like the one they use to dispose needles in the clinic.

    If you do stims, you’ll use lots of needles and may need a container like that. Maybe you could ask your clinic for one?

  5. Heathar Says:

    Sorry I just read these! I have to give myself shots all the frakkin time. The yellow container is the most legal way to dispose of needles. Like in Oregon, you can actually be fined A LOT of money for not disposing needles correctly. Unfortunately tho, I don’t have a clinic I can dispose my syringes to. However, my garbage company will come pick them up, and there is a local place I can take them too as well. The detergent bottle is a good idea if its not illegal in Maryland.
    Shots are easy to give yourself. I had to practice on an orange. 🙂 Glad it was easy for you! Good luck with everything!

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