good news

I finally heard from Dr. B about my test results.  She actually left me a message on Monday letting me know my lab results came back “fine”, and that I should go ahead and call Stephanie to see what I need to do next.  However, she called me again today at work to let me know what that my TSH level came back at 1.6 (which I was very happy about, since I was incredibly curious).  I asked her what could have caused such a drop, and she told me that she honestly did not know.  She said it could have been that I wasn’t feeling well that day, or some other random reason, but since the second results came back under 2, then I was good to go.  I guess they look for a consistent high level, and don’t worry about it if it’s just one time.

Soooo…that rules out two medications that they were going to put me on – yeah for me!   It’s nice to start getting good news for once.  Maybe things are finally starting to turn around.  I talked with Stephanie yesterday (IVF nurse), and she let me know that I am now medically cleared, and that my chart had been put on IVF Dr.’s desk.  I’m supposed to be hearing from the financial specialist “sometime” this week so I can pay for the October cycle (I’m giving it until Friday morning before I call her).  I’m anxious to pay so I don’t have to worry about the spots filling up, since I’m not technically guaranteed to be in the cycle until I hand over the money.  I tend to get overly anxious in situations where things are not definite.

I still haven’t talked to my supervisor about this…I’ve been waiting to see if it’s definite.  But I think it’s time, and I’m unsure how to go about it.  The only reason it’s even an issue is because I have to tell my Navy chain of command – and no, telling them I have a private medical matter will not work with the Navy.  The person I have to inform in my chain of command is a Chief who absolutely hates me (he hasn’t told me, but I just get that feeling from him), and so I feel very weird going to him with such a personal issue.  I could technically tell him that I’d rather not go into it with him and go to the next person above him in the chain,  but that would cause so much drama that it wouldn’t be worth it.    So I’m resigned to revealing my personal business to a guy who hates me, and it sucks.  But that’s the military.

I’ll update again once I hear from the financial specialist – crossing my fingers that it’ll be tomorrow.  Once I hear from her, I can get my baseline date set – woohoo!  We’re moving forward!


One Response to “good news”

  1. Ewokmama Says:

    Yay for good news! Sorry you have to share your personal fertility information with someone who is not-so-great. Hopefully it goes smoothly. Maybe it will get the person to soften on you a bit.

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