waiting on results

I’m late in posting this news, since I actually found this out on Friday, but I was trying to wait on getting results back before I posted it. Dr. B (an IVF physician) called me on Friday afternoon to tell me the news that I may have something called “subclinical hypothyroidism”. She said that my TSH levels came back higher than they like to see them (2.6), so she wanted me to get tested again.  2.6 is still within the normal range (some studies say up to 3 is normal, others say up to 5, it gets very confusing), but Dr. B said that they like to see them below 2, because higher levels have an increased risk of miscarriage – just what I need, right? ugh!

Not wanting to waste any time, I went to the lab on Monday – fortunately I had a better experience than last time since I didn’t have a trainee taking my blood. I’m anxious to find out my results, but Dr. B told me the results are still pending as of this afternoon.  She called the lab to see what the hold up is, and they told her that the results will be in tomorrow afternoon, so I should call her on Monday.  Not what I wanted to hear, but what can I do, right?

She said that if the results come back the same or higher, then I’ll probably have to go on medication in order to lower my TSH levels.  I can’t remember the name of the medication, but I’m sure I’ll find out on Monday.  If I do go on this medication, I’ll have to be monitored every 6-8 weeks by my primary care manager to ensure I don’t develop hyperthyroidism. Crazy shit, I tell you.

I also found out from Dr. B that I will not have to go on Metformin.  She said that’s there’s no proof that Metformin will help, so they don’t want to put me on it.  That’s fine by me.  From what I’ve read, it’s more for women who are overweight due to insulin resistance.  Fortunately, I don’t have that problem – in fact, I can’t seem to stop losing weight!

So that’s it for now…as soon as I get my results back, my chart is going back to Stephanie, who is the IVF nurse.  After she gets my charts and it’s signed off to say I’m medically cleared, I can get in contact with the financial specialist to make our payment for the October cycle.  Here’s hoping to hear something on Monday!


One Response to “waiting on results”

  1. Ewokmama Says:

    Well, if it turns out you have that then I’m glad they thought to treat it now! With our family’s history of reproductive issues and miscarriages, I’m really wondering if there is a common thread to tie it all together. I am trying to collect all of the information I can to discuss with my GYN when I go in for a check-up.

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