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I’ve had so many tests done over the past few months, I feel like there couldn’t possibly be any more. Not only did I have blood drawn on Tuesday before my orientation, the doctor sent me back to have more drawn for a couple more tests yesterday! It’s not so bad, except when you get a lab tech in training who doesn’t quite know how to draw blood 😦 The guy who drew my blood didn’t seem too bright, especially when he almost forgot to put the arm band on me. I wasn’t watching (I never do), but it hurt when he put the needle in, then the other lady observing scolded him, saying “that’s why you never cross your arms, it’s a disaster waiting to happen” – which scared me just a little bit. I could feel the needle pulling a little bit to the right when he did it. I can only imagine what disaster she was referring to…I could tell she was very irritated with him because she just kept shaking her head when she was putting the labels on my vials. I’d hate to have him without a supervisor! That’s the price of going to a military training medical facility I guess.

The doctor I spoke to yesterday, Stephanie, told me that my thyroid levels were in the high range of normal, whatever that means. She said she’d have to talk with the physicians to see if they want to look into it. She also said that she may want to put me on metformin for my PCOS. Nothing definite, but things she wants to consider. She prescribed me Provera and birth control so that she can control my cycle. I haven’t started taking them yet, since it’s not definite yet that I’m in the October cycle. If I do get in the cycle, here’s the schedule I’ll be on:

  • 10 days of Provera
  • On 2nd day of bleeding, start the birth control. Keep taking until she tells me to stop.
  • 2 weeks prior to baseline appointment, start giving myself shots of Lupron.
  • At the baseline, I will have bloodwork, an ultrasound, pick up supplies, medication, and instructions (she said bring a totebag for the supplies and medications)
  • The same day of the baseline, I’ll have an injection class (it’ll be about 40 shots total by the end of the procedure)
  • A week after the baseline, I’ll start taking Ganatropin injections to make follicles (cycle day 1)
  • About 2 weeks after baseline, I take the HCG shot (cycle day 13 or 14)
  • 2 days after HCG shot, retrieval (cycle day 15 or 16)
  • days 16, 17, 18 take progesterone in oil shots
  • 3-5 days after retrieval, they’ll do the transfer
  • on cycle day 29 or 30, I’ll take a pregnancy test

I may have gotten some of it screwed up, but I think for the most part that covers it. Here’s crossing my fingers that I’ll get in for October.

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6 Responses to “more details”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    Cripes, that is freaking complicated! Hopefully you can keep it all straight and it goes well. Are you going to give yourself the shots or will Mike be helping?

  2. Holly Says:

    I think I’ll be able to give myself all the shots except for the HCG, since that’s the only intramuscular one. Although Stephanie did say I could give it to myself in the thigh, the preferred method is in the butt cheek. So hopefully Mike’s okay with giving me at least one shot, cause I don’t know if I could handle a shot in my thigh 😐

  3. Beth Says:

    Congratulations on getting the October cycle. I can’t believe how much stuff you have to do! Hope everything works the first time around.

  4. ewokmama Says:

    Duuude, update with the new info. I want more details! (I’m a nosy chick, huh?)

  5. Holly Says:

    Crystal – I’m still waiting on the results. Hopefully I’ll find out today and post all the details. So far I know nothing more than what I told you this weekend. I’m hoping it’s good news, but with how things have been going, my guess is it won’t be…I’m turning into such a pessimist, aren’t I 😛

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    […] needle go in.  And I generally feel like they know what they are doing (with the exception of my last experience).  But I don’t know what I’m doing!  I’ve never had to give myself an […]

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