idea for a t-shirt

Why is it that one of the most common questions for a married couple is “so when are you planning on having kids?”.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked the question since marrying Mike, and I’ve always given the same exact response: eventually.  A little over a year ago, “eventually” meant I haven’t decided, so somewhere in an unknown future…it’s taken on the new meaning now.  I still say eventually, but now it means “when I get in for an IVF cycle, and it works”.  Funny how things change.  I’m thinking of making myself a t-shirt that says “don’t ask, we’re infertile”.


2 Responses to “idea for a t-shirt”

  1. sonshine1296 Says:

    I HATE that question. It was simple to answer in the beginning but now, after 10 years of marriage and everyone knowing we WANT a baby, its like “Mind your own damn business!” I don’t say it but it is on the tip of my tongue half the time. I will be sending “Baby Dust” your way and hopefully some of it lands back on me as well! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    LOL… That would be an awesome shirt. For the longest time my husband and I tried to dodge those questions. We always played them off with things like, “We want to wait until we have been married at least (however many) years”. We of course knew we had less then a .25% chance of conceiving naturally each month and like you said x amount of years really meant “when we’re able to do IVF”. We actually did IVF last year and was blessed with our baby girl. My extended family is very predictable. While I was still pregnant they said, “now that the pump has been primed you get pregnant just like that (snaps fingers)”. They don’t know their words do not help nor that the issue is male factor so my “pump” being primed doesn’t help any. I wish you the best when you are able to go for round one. I just finished round two and am now in the dreaded tww. Lord willing it works this time because it’s our last chance at expanding our family biologically.

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