moving along

Let’s see, where to start…Well, ever since we found out about the results from the urologist, we’ve been making plans to do IVF.  I called the IVF clinic to schedule the orientation, which is in about one month.  It seems so long away, but I’m actually glad because it gives me time to get my things in order.  The orientation is the last thing before we get put on the waiting list, and there is a very very very small chance that we could get in for the October cycle.  I’m not counting on it, but I want to be prepared just in case.  I also pulled myself out of that class I was supposed to go to in September.  I want my schedule to be open for any appointments they need me to go to.

 The IVF clinic requires a male evaluation, so Mike has another semen analysis scheduled for next monday, at which time we have to hand over a $365 check that will be applied towards our IVF cycle.  **On a side note, you would think they would put us on the waiting list at that point, but they don’t**  The IVF secretary that scheduled it said that this test is more in depth, which I think refers to looking at all aspects of the sperm, including motility, morphology, volume of sperm in ejaculation, among other things.  I think the last two only looked at his sperm count per millileter.  Seems like a waste to me – you would think they’d just do it all at once.  It’ll be interesting to see what they come back with.    The results of the male evaluation will determine the cost, which is anywhere between $4000-$6200.  Unless Mike all of a sudden started producing more sperm, our cost is going to be $6200, because we have to do IVF w/ ICSI.  That’s fine by me, because I’ve read several things that say ICSI is more succesful than standard IVF.

Anyway, the orientation is a 4 hour presentation explaining the whole process, which is going to be a lot redundant for me.  I’ve done so much research on this topic that hardly anything I read is new to me anymore.  I even found the powerpoint presentation that they give during the orientation and read through that last night.  Still though, it will be nice to meet others going through the same thing, and maybe I’ll even meet a couple who’s been through it before.  I don’t know if it’s appropriate, but I wouldn’t mind exchanging email addresses with some of the other women.

Other than the orientation, there is one more thing that needs to be scheduled, which is a genetic counciling.  It’s not mandatory, but they highly encourage it for severe male infertility.  A nurse is supposed to call us 2 days before the orientation to see if we need it scheduled.  The genetic counciling consists of tests for genetic diseases that could be passed on to our child, such as cystic fibrosis.  It’s different than the biopsy, which Mike still hasn’t decided on.  I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t find anything, because that would just complicate matters further – and we certainly don’t need any more bad news.

About a month after the orientation, a financial coordinator is supposed to contact us to discuss payment.  I was told that once I receive that call, the payment is due, which kind of confuses me.  What if I don’t get into a cycle until January?  Why should I have to pay so far in advance?  We can come up with the money, but it would be nice to have a little more time.  We’re currently looking into selling a timeshare we own in Vegas (impulse buy when we got married, pretty stupid), and I’m hoping we can get enough back to pay for up to 2 IVF cycles.  I’m still trying to find a good company to sell it through, so we haven’t put it on the market yet.  I plan on putting it on the market for lower than the market value so it will sell faster, but I’m guessing it will still take a few months.  I just feel lucky that we are at least halfway covered with IVF through the military, because I don’t know how people afford this otherwise.

That’s about covers what I know for now, although I’m sure there will be more soon.  I’ll update again when we get the results back from Mike’s test on monday.


4 Responses to “moving along”

  1. Sis Says:

    Does it suddenly seem like it’s happening fast? It certainly does to me! The cash you are going to have to fork over is pretty amazing. Eek.

  2. Holly Says:

    You changed your display name. Does it just show up as Sis on my blog?

    Yes, it does seem like it’s moving fast now. Although if I don’t get in to the October cycle, then I’m sure things will slow down after the orientation until the January cycle. The cost of the cycle is pretty expensive, but worth it in my opinion. I just hope we only have to do it once.

  3. ewokmama Says:

    Yeah, just on your blog. 🙂

    I am hoping for once for you, as well. I would think it’d be nice to wait until January just because you won’t have to deal with the stress over the holidays.

  4. Beth Says:

    I’m glad things are getting started and scheduled. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it only takes once. 🙂

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