back to the unknown

I’m verrryyy late in posting this, but things have been crazy lately with finishing up my college class.  Mike had his ultrasound on Wednesday, and preliminary results are that it is neither a cyst or a varicocele.  Which is good….right?  Except that now we have no freakin’ clue what is wrong!  Not only that, but Mike was supposed to have a follow up appointment with the urologist yesterday, and that appointment was canceled due to the doctor being in surgery all day.  Mike hasn’t been able to get ahold of the receptionist to reschedule, so now we’re just waiting.  Ugh!  Did I mention that I hate waiting?

Actually, I have been trying not to rush things and get anxiuos about timelines, but now time is actually getting tight.  I have a class that I’ve been offered that starts in early September, which is a great opportunity.  But it’s 3 long months.  And from what I hear, it’s an incredibly hard class with lots of studying and no time off.  I debated for a long time whether I should turn it down, but it’s just too good of an opportunity to pass up.  If Mike and I had more answers and we knew we would be doing IVF during that timeframe, then I would definitely turn down the class.  But right now, everything is put on hold until we find out what is going on with Mike, and whether there is something that can be done to increase his sperm count.  My issue is that I don’t want to find out that we have to go IVF, and then not be able to go to the orientation while I’m in the class.  And we can’t get on the list to do IVF until we go through orientation.  I know I am stressing myself out more than I need to, but I really can’t help it.

Anyway, on a totally random note, I used my reusable grocery bags for the first time today. Yah! 🙂  The grocer was not surprised at all and actually mentioned that he had canvas bags from another store.  And I just found out that Annapolis, MD is trying to pass a law to ban plastic bags, and wants to eventually issue reusable bags.  Maybe people are more environmentally conscious around here than I originally thought.


6 Responses to “back to the unknown”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    Man, that sucks. I’m sorry this is such a pain in the ass. Maybe you guys can just put things off until next year?

    So I’m assuming a visit this fall is not in the cards and that we’ll have to make do with xmas?

  2. Holly Says:

    I had thought about putting it off, but I really am not sure how it works with getting a referral into IVF. I mean, if I wait too long, will I have to go through the testing again? Plus, this is the perfect time while I’m in the military, because it requires a lot of time off of work for me. As a civilian, it would be hard to get that much time off (unless I just didn’t have a job). I’m going to call the representative at the IVF clinic to see if I can get more information.

    Unfortunately, this fall is probably not going to work unless the class falls through for some reason. Of course, it’s probably best for you to settle into your new job before you start requesting a bunch of leave, so I guess it works out 🙂 We’re definitely still on for Christmas, though!

  3. ewokmama Says:

    Yeah, Christmas should work really well!

  4. Beth Says:

    Sorry the tests didn’t answer any questions for you. I hope you hear something solid soon so you can at least start planning. Waiting is for the birds.

  5. Holly Says:

    Beth – thanks for the thought. I’m resigning myself to the fact that we probably won’t know anything more definitive for a couple more months. But I’ve realized that it’s okay, because in all reality, IVF will still be there if or when we need it.

  6. taking a break « Tired of Waiting Says:

    […] step. I’ve been offered a seat in a 3-month class which I will attend in place of work, the same class I was offered back in August before we started our first IVF cycle – which I decided to pull myself […]

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