Urologist update

Mike had his urologist appointment on Monday, and we now have a few theories from the doctor.

  • Thoery #1: It could be varicoceles, which is a very common problem in men testing for infertility. The doctor said that if that’s the case, surgery can be performed which improves the sperm count 70% of the time.
  • Theory #2: His sperm count could be low because he got really sick back in February. High fevers can kill the sperm, and it can take awhile for them to build back up. The first semen analysis had a count of 800,000 sperm, and the second test came back with 1.4 million. The urologist said that it is a good sign that there was an increase (although slight), but he’s doubting this theory because of the extremely low sperm count.
  • Theory #3: There is a possibility that Mike has a cyst on one of his testicles. The urologist saw a small bump, but is unsure if it’s a cyst. Mike has an ultrasound later this month that will tell us for sure.

The ultrasound should help narrow down if not determine the problem, so we’re both looking forward to that appointment. We’re trying not to think too much in to any of the theories, because that’s all they are right now. We won’t know anything for sure until a few more weeks.

Other than that, I have my saline sonogram, also called a hysterosonogram, scheduled for this coming Monday. At first I wasn’t sure what the difference was between an HSG and a saline sonogram, but I guess the saline sonogram is able to tell if there is any damage to the uterus, while the HSG is mainly used to see if everything is shaped and flowing correctly. I’m crossing my fingers that everything will come out normal.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why it’s been awhile since I posted, I was stuck down in Virginia, working 12 hour shifts, with very little access to the internet. It was truly the worst trip I’ve ever been on. To sum it up, I had a cockroach crawl on my face in bed. I think that says it all. I can honestly say that if I never go back to Virginia, I will not be disappointed.


3 Responses to “Urologist update”

  1. ewokmama Says:

    *vomits* Cockroach=disgusting!

    I hope appointments go well! When do you each go?

  2. Beth Says:

    Oh my gosh! That is so disgusting! *shudders* Cockroaches are the nastiest things on earth.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news at your appointments.

  3. Holly Says:


    I’m scheduled for this monday, July 2nd, and Mike’s appointments are at the end of July. So we have a ways to go for him, but we have so much going on this month that hopefully the time will go by fast.

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