quick update

This is going to be quick, cause it’s late and I’m tired, but I figured I’d give an update…

It turns out that I didn’t have a choice in going on the trip after all, so I’m leaving this weekend down to Virginia. I’ve been rushing around at work setting everything up, and also trying to hurry and get some of my college work done before I leave. I’ll be working long shifts when I go down, about 12 hours a day straight through, so it’s going to be rough. It worked out with the urologist though, Mike did not have to cancel. The urologist would have liked to see us both to talk to us about our options, and possibly put me through a few more tests, but it’s not absolutely necessary for me to be there. If I need more tests, he’ll just put me in for them and I’ll take them when I return. I would have really liked to go, but the most important thing is that we didn’t have to reschedule for a later appointment.

In other news, I talked with the consultant for IVF, and she scheduled me for a saline sonogram. I have it scheduled for when I get back from my trip. I’ve done a little research, and it sounds pretty simple, but if anyone has any experience with it, please post and fill me in. I’m still holding off on the IVF orientation until we hear more from the urologist, because we’d have to pay about $400 up front at the orientation. Don’t want to jump the gun…


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