decisions for the future

I’ve had plenty of time to think about how I would like to raise my child since I decided to start ttc (8 months and counting), here are some ways that I have decided that I would like to raise my child: (I decided it was a good idea to write them down, since I’m coming up with new things all the time)
– I am definitely going to breastfeed. After everything my sister ewokmama has taught me, there’s no way that I would feel right about not breastfeeding (if I have no problems with supplying milk of course) My goal is to breastfeed for one year, mostly because 2 years is a little daunting at this stage. I may change my mind when I have a baby, but I think the one year goal is a good start.
– I plan on using cloth diapers. After visiting ewokmama after she had my nephew, I found that I actually liked cloth diapers better than the disposable. Not only that, but they are cheaper, and better for the environment. While I have never been too thoughtful on doing things better for the environment (sadly), I have been thinking lately that I need to start doing more (it’s about time, right?). Wow, my sister has a lot of influence on me…
– My child will have no fast food if I can help it. I see too many kids that are obese because their parents think that it is okay to feed them anything and everything. As I once saw a mother give her 1 year old a taco bell burrito. And not just a bite, this was his dinner. Even though I am not a parent, even I knew that something was not right with that. Some parents think that they should not limit what their kids eat, because they don’t want to give them a complex. But aren’t they doing their kids a disservice by not teaching them how to eat healthy from the time they are young? Nutritionists say that people should limit their fast food intake to about 1 a month, if that. And parents are feeding their kids this crap sometimes every day!! Do they not realize that while children do have fast metabolisms, they can only handle so much grease and fat in their diet? Even if their child doesn’t become obese, it’s still not healthy for them. It really does make me sad to see how our country has become so overweight, and now parents aren’t even giving their children a chance to start out a healthy life. Okay, enough of that.
– I want my child to go to a private school. I’m not referring to the all boys are all girls school. I’m referring to a school where teachers actually get a decent salary who have more time to teach children because the class sizes are more manageable. I think public school is a wonderful service. It allows everyone to go to school and learn, no matter how much income their parents have. However, I think that if parents have the money to send their children to private schools, then they should. Many public schools are overcrowded and underfunded, and sometimes the children suffer because of that. If more parents who could afford it would put the extra money in and move their kids to a private school, then maybe the public schools wouldn’t be so bad. Some may argue that if you remove children from the public schools, then that removes funding as well, which means it hurts the public school even more. That may be true, and that is a disadvantage of how the public school system is currently set up to receive money. But when they have 30-40 children per classroom, the teachers do not have time to give each child the attention they need when it comes to learning. The fast learning children will not be challenged enough, and the children who are having a tough time keeping up will probably fall behind and may never catch up. Of course, these are just my opinions, with no actual proof to back it up (no proof I’ve been willing to research on my own, anyway).

That is it for now. I’m sure there will be more to come, and it will be interesting to look back later at these entries to see if my opinions change over the years. I’m hoping that when I have a child, and I become scatterbrained and don’t know what to do, I can look back at these posts to help me keep my resolve in how I want to be as a parent.


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