here we go

I think I may be addicted to blogs 🙂   If you would have asked me about 2 years ago, I would have never thought that I would be blogging.  Now, not only do I have my own blog, I absolutely am addicted to reading other people’s blogs!  It all started with my sister’s blog, which is how I kept up with her life when we didn’t have a chance to talk.  After Mike and I decided to try for a baby, I started venturing into some of the blogs that she had linked on her page, and I am fascinated by what other people have to say.  I only wish I had such interesting things to write about.

Anyway, I have an update on my trek to becoming pregnant.  I called my doctor the other day to let her know that I did not start my period, so she put in a prescription for Provera for me.  I’m going to start taking it next week, and then the testing begins.  I’m excited/nervous to finally be starting the process.  Mike thinks I’m making too much of it, the nervous part anyway.  I’m a little scared that the results will come back with something bad.  That’s me though, always expecting the worse.  I just like to be prepared for the worst – that way if I get good news, it will be that much more exciting and unexpected.

The statistics in the booklet the doctor gave me said that only about 50% of women who ovulate only on Clomid will get pregnant within the first 3-6 months.  After 6 months, it says the chances of getting pregnant using Clomid are slim.  It’s just so scary to think that it may not work.   It’s been 8 months since Mike and I decided to try for a baby, and I’ve had my period on my own only once.  That was back in September, when birth control was still flushing out of my system.  Since then, I’ve been on Provera once, which induced my period, but I am unsure if I ovulated.  The only reason the doctor wants to put me on Provera again is because of the tests that must be done before I take Clomid.  I’m just hoping that all the test come back okay.

I know I should not let myself get too concerned; me worrying is not going to change anything.  In fact, it can only make it worse.  I am a worrier though – it’s in my nature.  The only thing I can do is get this testing over with as soon as possible so at least I know my chances of getting pregnant.


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