first visit with RE

So I had my appointment this morning at the infertility clinic and it wasn’t quite what I expected. The doctor says that she would like to wait for a few more weeks to see if I get my period on my own, and if I don’t, she’ll give me Provera one more time. Once I start my period (either on my own or through Provera), I am going to have several tests done. Some of them are standard, such as HIV and Hep A&B, but the other ones are my hormones and a test called HSG. It sounds like the HSG test is the most important, since that’s the one that going to be able to tell if anything is blocking me from ovulating.

All that was fine. The part that was weird is that she kept on mentioning my weight, as if she thinks that I’m starving myself or something. I made the mistake of saying that I was on a diet, and she looked at me funny. I tried to explain to her that my “diet” was just healthy eating and portion control. But after that, she just kept saying that I need to eat. I eat! I promise. She says that my weight might be the reason that I’m not ovulating (I’m 5’5 and 118 lbs). I know there are people who are far thinner than me who get pregnant just fine. And my period has always been erratic, so I really don’t think my weight is the problem. I’ll have to do some more research on the matter. I just hate when doctor’s choose one thing to focus on, and they can’t see beyond that thought.

Anyway, so she said after all the tests, then we’ll consult again. If the only problem is that I am not ovulating, that’s when she will prescribe me Clomid. She said I’ll be on that for about 3-6 months, and hopefully I’ll get pregnant. It sounds like it might still be a long while, but at least it’s a step forward.


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