can’t wait…

I have an appointment on Monday with a doctor at the Infertility Clinic, and I’m getting a little excited. According to the doctor that referred me, they’ll probably put me on a medication called Clomid, which is supposed to kick-start my ovulating. The Provera I took last month finally forced me to have my period, but I guess there is a chance that I still didn’t ovulate – I’m still a little unclear about how that works. From what I’ve read online, Clomid is the first infertility drug women usually come in contact with, and it usually works for about 85% of women. The 85% is only for ovulation, not pregnancy. They say that if women do get pregnant while on it, it’s generally most effective in the first 3-6 months. Which hopefully means that I will fall within that range!

Although I am excited about the prospect of getting pregnant, I do wish that I didn’t have to go through these hoops. I wanted it to just happen naturally. The original plan was that I just get off of birth control, and it would happen whenever. Well, after about 4 months of no period, I realized that I needed to see a doctor about it. I’m all for getting pregnant naturally, but that can’t really happen without my body working correctly. I’m hoping the doctor I see on Monday can give me some more information about why I’m not having my period or not ovulating. The last doctor thought it might be Pcos, but there were no tests done. I think she told me that the Infertility Clinic would be doing a lot of tests while I’m on Clomid, so hopefully I’ll have answers as to why my body is so screwed.


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