gyn visit

I went to the gyn today, and she pretty much told me what I already knew 🙂 I mentioned all my symptoms and then I mentioned that my sister’s doctor thought that she might have pcos, and she said that’s what she was thinking about me. She said that while I obviously don’t have many of the main symptoms (such as being overweight or having excessive facial hair) it is still a possibility.

So she put me on Provera for the next 10 days, and she said that should get my period going again. Now there are two scenarios that could happen: 1) I don’t start my period, and I go back to the gyn for another appointment, or 2) I start my period, and I go to the infertility clinic to be put on Clomid, which is supposed to make me start ovulating. She said in that case, there are several tests that need to be done while I am on the medication, and it’s best if the infertility clinic does it. She mentioned testing my hormones, which I’m thinking that will probably happen while I’m on Clomid. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of these appointments.


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